Camp Beauregard Fitness Center
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"Build, Defend, to the End!"
Welcome to the 844th Engineer Company Website!

Key Leadership in the Company

Company Commander     CPT Robert Parker           318-641-5645

Company First Sergeant        1SG Larry Johnson   318-641-5645

Company Supply Sergeant    SSG Bruce Dubois    318-641-5730

Company Training NCO         SSG Joe Bass    318-641-5419

Company Operations NCO     SSG Jay Hilton   318-251-5011

Company Training NCO               SSG Brad Williamson      318-362-4691

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Updated: 2/7/2014
Job Announcements

We are proudly made up of heavy equipment operators, maintenance, supply, and admin.  Our motto is to Build, Defend, to the End!  We strive for maximum success while always upholding the Army Values.

    It has been five months in the dry desert, and we met our halfway milestone.  Every Soldier is looking forward to each day that brings us closer to going home to finally be with our families and friends.  We have completed numerous projects so far, and are continuing to move forward.  It has been tough with the cold weather and heavy rains, but nothing can stop 844th Engineer Company from achieving victory at its best!  We stand by our motto with pride, and we will never quit!  We are counting down from here as we wrap up our remaining projects and start going on the downward slope towards mission complete.  Keep moving forward 844th! 

As we begin a new chapter we must get ourselves used to the conditions and standards of our new leadership with the 205th Battalion, the extreme heat, and sandy dryness of Kuwait’s desert environment.  Our day starts before daylight with physical fitness training and goes on to our daily duties and responsibilities.  We will continue to drive forward and complete all missions given to us.  “Build, Defend, To the End!”

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"What time is it?"   "Its GAME TIME!"
  • VA's Suicide Hot Line Begins Operations: VA's Suicide Hot Line: The toll-free hot line number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255). VA's hot line is staffed by mental health professionals and takes toll-free calls from across the country working closely with local VA mental-health providers to help callers.
  • TG 320 Guide to Coping with Deployment and Combat Stress:  External Link, Opens in New Window  Combat is more stressful than any training can be.  The goal of the enemy is to stress and confuse you.  Security and support operations can involve heavy stress, even if there is no combat or home front stressor.  Mental and physical fitness will help you endure the stress of combat and military operations.  Know the signs of combat and operational stress reactions (COSR), what to do for self and others, and when to seek help.
CPT Robert Parker
1SG Larry Johnson